Custom App Terms of Service

  1. App Submission and Review Process: The User acknowledges that the complimentary App creation service, offered in addition to the User’s subscription with Modern, is subject to review and acceptance by third-party platforms, namely Google Play and Apple App Store (referred to as the “Platforms”). The User agrees that Modern cannot guarantee that the App will be accepted by these Platforms.

  1. Delays and Rejections: Modern will make every reasonable effort to design the App in compliance with the Platforms’ guidelines. However, Modern cannot be held responsible for any delay or rejection of the App during the review process. This includes rejections due to the App’s content, technical issues, changes in Platform policy, or any other reason given by the Platforms.

  1. Changes in Platform Policy: The User understands and agrees that Platform policies may change over time and these changes are beyond Modern’s control. Modern will make reasonable efforts to adapt to changes in Platform policies, but cannot guarantee that the App will remain in compliance or that it will not be removed from the Platforms due to these changes.

  1. Subscription Terms: The User acknowledges that the App is offered as a complimentary service and its availability, or lack thereof, does not impact the User’s subscription with Modern. Should the App creation process fail or be delayed, this will not result in a refund, partial or full, of the User’s subscription fee, nor will it constitute grounds for cancellation of the subscription without abiding by the stipulated cancellation policy.

  1. Indemnification: The User agrees to indemnify and hold Modern harmless from any and all claims, damages, losses, or legal fees related to the rejection of the App by the Platforms or changes in Platform policy.